About BlastRoots

Political insiders have known it for years: The greater your numbers, the greater your impact. That's what grassroots issue campaigns are all about.

Letter after letter...email after email...and now, a constant stream of tweets. From citizens who believe in the issue. Until those you're trying to persuade truly get the message.

But today, special interests not only have the lobbyists. They also have cutting-edge, automated grassroots tools. They build websites and mobile apps that mobilize those who agree with them - and only those who agree with them. BlastRoots brings these same automated grassroots campaign tools to everyone else. By tapping your existing networks in social media and beyond, BlastRoots lets you easily recruit others who share your views, educate them on the issues you care about, and give them a way to take action to make a difference. With each supporter your campaign attracts, decision-makers will hear your message multiplied.

Right now, BlastRoots can help you lobby Congress, or create a petition campaign directed at other groups. In the coming weeks and months, BlastRoots plans to help you build issue campaigns at the State and Local level as well.

BlastRoots is nonpartisan. Our team includes seasoned political operatives from both major political parties, and we disagree on just about everything. But we agree on this: it is time to bring the tools of modern grassroots advocacy campaigns to the actual grassroots.

So don't just speak out. Start Something.


The BlastRoots dashboard lets anyone create a grassroots campaign. As a Campaign Manager, you can recruit supporters to your cause and provide them with:

  • A customized petition they can sign to show their support
  • Emails and tweets they can send to Members of Congress
  • Customized letters for them to print and send to Members of Congress
  • Easy ways to recruit their own contacts to grow support for your Campaign

Perhaps most importantly, BlastRoots allows you to measure your impact. You can see how many Members your campaign has attracted. Track how many total emails, tweets or letters they''ve sent. And urge them to take the next steps.

BlastRoots also can help you find other issue campaigns you want to join, and lend a hand simply and easily.

Finally, BlastRoots can help you talk to more than one social network at a time. Facebook. Email. Twitter. All in one place.

One person CAN make a difference. With BlastRoots, you can do more than use social media to spread the word: you can Start Something.

Next Step: Read our User Guide for details of how to get the most out of BlastRoots.